Art Museums

Shared Art

One of the most important ways different cultures can get along is to share their art. While not all art is able to be packed up and shipped, many pieces have traveled around the world. The world tour of the treasures of Tutankhamen is just one example of traveling art. These pieces were sent around the world, and they were displayed in art museums in many countries. It gave those who have never been to Egypt a chance to gain insight into this ancient culture.

By shipping cultural displays around the world, people gain insight into the roots other cultures. Modern Egypt is nothing like it was in ancient times. There were Pharaohs back then who ruled the entire country. They were considered gods to their subjects. Politics in Egypt today are quite different, but that is not what matters. Knowing how ancient Egyptians saw the world gives insight into how they view it today. A large part of their cultural history affects their viewpoint.

The performing arts are a wonderful way to share cultural insight. Music and dance are living arts that people can see and experience in real time. Both of these artistic mediums contain music that was created by artists who immersed themselves in their own cultures. They translated what they saw and felt into representative sounds. Dance gives concrete form to the musical notes.

Opera and ballet are both cultural mediums that tell stories. Often based on myths and legends, they are an excellent way for audiences to look at the hopes and fears of people from other parts of the world. Many of the performances evoke emotions and help people to experience the lives of people in dramatic circumstances. This type of art is truly a way to share the cultural values of many different people from all over the world.